Toolkits for educators

Use these presentations and resources with your school communities to provide professional development in inclusive computing.

Tackling unconscious bias

Tackling unconscious bias in computing

This presentation gives educators a definition of unconscious bias, provides of examples of how this might impact on computing lessons and gives advice on how to recognise and address it.

10 things: Inclusion

10 Things: Inclusion

10 essential tips for making your computing classrooms more inclusive. This collection focuses on SEND provision.

10 Things: Diversity

10 Things: Diversity

10 approaches for encouraging diversity in your computing classroom. This collection focuses on practical ideas for making sure that all learners feel included in your computing lessons, regardless of their gender, race or socio-economic background.

CAS in a Box - Socio-economic

How to improve outcomes for learners from low socio-economic backgrounds

This presentation can be used as part of a workshop to enable educators to think about the barriers that disadvantaged learners might face. It also gives advice for how to remove those barriers.

You can watch a recording of this talk on the CAS Go To Stage.